Yoguitime Tirso de Molina – UDance

Description of the room

You’re done working for today. You deserve a prize, enjoy a Yoga or meditation class next to your home or place of leisure in this center located next to the Plaza de Tirso de Molina and end the stress once and for all.

Diaphanous room, with air conditioning and heat pump, wooden floor and mirrors. It has toilets, showers and changing rooms so you can change before or after school.

Approximate capacity: 12 people

Room location

Calle Conde de Romanones 10, Timbre 11 Madrid

Metro: Tirso De Molina (Line 1) / La Latina (Line 5) / Sun (Line 2)

If you are already a Yogitime student and want to attend this Center, sign up by clicking on the button. Remember that you can pay online from our section “Plans and Prices“or when you come to class. You choose.

Class Hours and Booking

IMPORTANT!: If it’s your first class, check out our“Your First Class” section to book your test class.

If you are already a Yogitime student, book the class that suits you best by clicking on the schedule and then you can pay from our section “Plans and Prices“or when you get to class.





Images of the room

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