Yoguitime Estrecho – BeloArt

Description of the room

This school where multiple disciplines are taught is perfectly equippedto practice Yoga after work, has perfectly isolated rooms with lots of sunlight to enjoy comfortable classes.

It is a diaphanous room, wooden floor and mirrors; it has toilets and costumes so you can change before or after the activity. 

Approximate capacity: 8 people.

Room location

Pamplona Street, 59, 28039 Madrid

Meters: Narrow (Line 1) Francos Rodriguez (Line 7)

Sign up for the class that suits you best and then you can pay online from our section “Plans and Prices“or when you come to class. You choose.

Class Hours and Booking

Here you can see the availability of classes in this room. Click on the schedule that suits you best to book and again, remember to bring your mat!!






          Images of the room