I’ve never done Yoga… what should I know before I start practicing?

01/05/2020 0 By Edgardo Leal
I’ve never done Yoga… what should I know before I start practicing?

Maybe the story of a Yoga beginner could begin like this.

Perhaps, one day any day, he or she walked down a clear and wide street, adorned on both sides with beautiful portals, display cases, windows, leafy trees… and suddenly emerges from a curious and bright corner,a beautiful warning that immediately awakens you a certain interest, does not know why… this one clearly indicates that there Yoga classes are taught.

You are curious about it, when you read that word for the first time, Yoga,appears again and again on your mental screen, you feel the need to ask, to know what it is. From that moment, on his walks through the same space, said scene is repeated many times, until he makes the decision and directs his steps towards the door of the attractive place

What can motivate us to start a Yoga practice? A question that surely has multiple answers…

Each person approaches Yoga for a personal motivation of his own or by a seemingly innocent invitation. I told a Swami, a few years ago, that people when approaching Yoga believe it is for a certain personal situation,but the only reason is that the soul is seeking its liberation,the rest is appearance.

I believe that the desire to transcend our human condition (when we have it), to go beyond our supposed self, is a present and permanent impulse, which various conditions will bring out.

I have had students who have been invited by someone and then stayed in my classes for many years, and the one who invited them did not return after driving him to the place.

This encounter with Yoga is varied, it can range from simple curiosity to the deepest yearnings of seeking self-knowledge.

There is a lot of information about Yoga that has nothing to do with what Yogareally is, and the beginner cannot escape this panorama. If I am a beginner, how can I discern against this situation? That’s where the search starts.

The first seekers did so as an act of rebellion before a structure that did not offer them a path of satisfactory liberation, and so Yoga, Jainism, Buddhism,were born at a time when change was necessary, a reorientation in the direction of consciousness.

Yoga,is a millennial method of self-knowledge based on constant practice,which offers us multiple facets to go in that direction (they claim, some authors, which is more than 5,000 years old), without pretending with the above to give a definition of what Yogareally is.

I’m a beginner and I want to know the benefits that the Yoga to decide if I venture into your practice… The Yoga can give us benefits more tangible,such as: improvements in health,lung capacity, digestive system, circulatory, respiratory, stress management,flexibility, endurance, internal and external strengthening, feelings of tranquility, stillness, gives you peace of mind, emotional stability.

Within that whole range of benefits, ranging from the subtle to the tangible, everyone decides what to take and how far he commits to practice. When you live inside Yoga, you gain protection.

Align your crown, throat and perimetfore for a few minutes while you watch your breath, how do you feel?

The physical, the mental and the spiritual are three levels of commitment to consider,which defines what of the immense universe of Yoga I choose according to my personality, my concerns, my needs. That is, each person defines that degree of commitment to practice.

I can decide to try, for example, the part associated with the physical and later I consider that more I can try to know. Yoga is a whole field of multiple universes to explore: the Yamas (rules of conduct, relationship with the environment), Niyamas (rules of internal control, relationship with me), Sanas or postures, Pranayama,conscious breathing and energy, Meditation, Subtle Energy,are some of those universes.

One of those facets of Yoga is Hatha Yoga,a discipline that focuses on working with the body, where the regulation of the breathing of solar breath (right nostril) and lunar breath (left nostril) is involved.

Another facet, Laya Yoga,processes where it is involved quieting the mind.

As noted, we can begin a way of life with Yoga,short or long, it is not known how far. Some of us have stayed on this path, others seek other systems other methods, but what is a reality is that Yoga changes your life forever…

Thank you for being there…