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I started in the world of Yoga 17 years ago casually and from then on gradually, increasingly, it began to be part of my life. Until I decided to do the training with the International School of Yoga in Santiago de Compostela. For 2 years I studied Hatha Yoga training of Instructors and Teachers (400h). Subsequently the specializations in Yoga in Education and Restorative Yoga.
I am currently immersed in the completion of my master’s work in Yoga and taking the Nidra Yoga specialization course.

In the last 2 years I have combined my work as a music teacher with teaching yoga classes to both adults and children (4-15 years) until I finally decided to turn completely into this wonderful experience that is the way of Yoga.

I don’t know where the path that Yoga has opened for me leads. I just hope I live up to it.

Centers where he teaches classes


Dejando Huella